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cut through their cases with a special pair of mandibles, swim up to the water surface, cast off skin and the now-obsolete gills and mandibles, and emerge as fully formed adults. Caddisfly cases resemble cases, which are constructed by various terrestrial moth species. 15 Like mayflies, stoneflies and dragonflies, but to a somewhat lesser extent, caddisflies are an indicator of good water quality; they die out of streams with polluted waters. Barbour,.T.; Gerritsen,.; Stribling,.B. 18 Adults are usually short-lived, most being non-feeders and equipped only to breed. 32 As food edit In Japan the caddisfly larvae is called Zazamushi and eaten as a delicacy. The cladogram of relationships within the order is based on a 2002 molecular phylogeny using ribosomal RNA, a nuclear elongation factor gene, and mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase. They are closely related to (moths and butterflies) which have scales on their wings, and the two orders together form the superorder. 3 The largest numbers of fossilised remains are those of larval cases, which are made of durable materials that preserve well.

In art, the French artist Hubert Duprat has created works by providing caddis.
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He removes the larvae from their original cases and adds precious and semi-precious items into the tank. 19 They form an important part of the diet of fish such as the trout. Free-living caddisflies do not build retreats or carry portable cases until they are ready to pupate, and their bodies tend to be tougher than caddisflies that build. Caddisflies can be divided loosely into three behavioral groups based on their use of silk: net-making caddisflies and case-making caddisflies, both of which may enlarge their structures throughout their larval lifespan; and free-living caddisflies, which only make code promo premiere livre mon album photos such structures prior to pupation. 7 The affinities of the third suborder, Spicipalpia, are unclear; the larvae are free-living with no cases, instead creating net-like traps from silk.