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giving you a better appreciation for how the artists interpreted the world around them. Explore San Francisco and Beyond with Bay City Guide GuideYou Sightseeing Tours. Your best bet is to start in North Beach. To ride to the observation deck, it costs 6 for adults, 3 for seniors and youths, 2 for children ages 5-11, and is free for children under. When Howard Coit died, he left his (large) estate to Lillie. Now, you have to remember that in the mid-1800s, women of that time (and especially upper-class women) were supposed to be ladies. Google Maps doesnt mention the fact that you have to walk up a very steep hill to get there. And when she died in 1929, she left a large portion of her estate to the city to beautify the area. Leave this field empty if you're human. They were meant to be dainty, proper, taking care of the home, wearing pretty dresses, etc.

Walk to the steps and start climbing! Option 4 Walking to Coit Tower. How to Get Here, tickets and Hours, views and a Brief History. Observation Deck Despite the fact that it is not free to access the top of Coit Tower, most visitors were very pleased with the experience. Option 3 Take a Bus to Coit Tower. Walking up that street is not as steep as the eastern side, but at the top of Filbert Street, you will run into another staircase. We will be using TripAdvisor to determine ratings and reviews. But Lillie Coit thought that was ridiculous. She would often be found wearing a (huge!) firemans jacket and hat. Shed be smoking cigars, drinking groupon vulcano love skin whiskey, playing poker, and swearing like the dirtiest sailor around. For more information on these tours, check our tickets and times section above.